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Kezdőlap ::  Tornacipő ::  Monti
Oliver Cabell Monti Tornacipő Női Fekete | HU978-52
Oliver Cabell Monti Tornacipő Női Fekete | HU978-52
Oliver Cabell Monti Tornacipő Női Fekete | HU978-52
Oliver Cabell Monti Tornacipő Női Fekete | HU978-52

Oliver Cabell Monti Tornacipő Női Fekete | HU978-52

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Effortless year-around staple. Made by hand using Italian materials. No break-in period required.


    Our Workshops and Factories in ITALY

    Leather is the backbone of our footwear, and we researched over 70 tanneries before finding the perfect partner for our sneakers. Crafting leather since 1954, skins from this tannery has been sought after by major luxury brands for generations due to its high-end finish and natural feel. Producing exclusively full-grain leather (i.e. the best around), the tannery has won international awards around quality, ethical, and environmental practice. We were happy to learn that the factory owners are big supporters of small, family farms as it allows them to track exactly where their hides come from. The result: a premium full-grain leather that matures beautifully over time.
    The simplest shapes often require the most detail. To create the timeless, low profile look we wanted for the sole of this sneaker, we needed a partner that could craft outsoles the old way, yet marry it with the latest technology. Our initial attempts to work with Margom were difficult due to our lower volume. However, after some persistence and a few introductions we forged a partnership. Founded in 1952 with just two machines and five employees, Margom has become the premier provider for luxury rubber outsoles. Its lightweight design is longer lasting and resistant to splitting and abrasion, and it uses a Shore 70A rubber durometer rating for maximum comfort and longevity. The result: a comfortable outsole that stands the test of time.
    When we set out to make our first shoe, we knew we wanted quality that would stand the test of time. We interviewed over 40 footwear factories throughout Europe but none met the quality and ethical standards we were looking for. We then met Diego, who manages production for a few high-end brands and agreed to help us out. He introduced us to the owner of this factory, Pedro, who has been producing for a handful of small luxury brands for generations. Each pair takes days to complete, as every step is done by hand. In order to execute our designs perfectly, we collaborate closely with Pedro and his team through the entire process.

    Care and Cleaning

    Here are foolproof steps to cleaning your sneakers:Dip a cloth or brush into a bowl of water.Apply a generous amount of shoe cleaner to brush.Dip brush back into the bowl of water.Scrub shoes creating foaming action.Wipe clean with a microfiber towel. Repeat steps 1-5 if necessary.